Golf in Turkey

Playing golf in Turkey is more than just playing golf. In addition to golf, you can have luxury accommodation options, historical and nature tours, health tourism and vacation opportunities for every taste in Turkey.

If you are wondering where is the best golf in Turkey, the best option you will come across will be Antalya, Belek. There are international award-winning golf courses in Belek. Belek is the golf center of Turkey.

Due to Turkey's geographical location, four seasons can be experienced together. Playing golf in the light rain in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon is a well-known phenomenon for those who have been to Turkey before and played golf. Turkey has always been a favorite of golf lovers with its four seasons suitable weather conditions, sea and sun, internationally renowned hotels and golf courses.

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Best Golf Resorts in Turkey

Most of the golf resorts in Turkey are located in Belek. The common feature of golf hotels in Turkey is that they all have world-class standards. Some golf resorts in Turkey may be located on very large land in the same area as the hotel and offer ease of use, while others may be completely independent in a large and specially designed area. This diversity makes Turkey even more attractive for golf lovers.



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Best Golf Courses in Turkey

Golf Courses in Turkey are designed for various difficulty levels that can be suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Considered among the best Golf Courses in Turkey, Antalya Golf Club is Designed by European Golf Design architects. The complex consists of two separate areas, the Pasha and the Sultan. One section offers a fun course for beginners, while the other section hosts tournaments with great players.

The Lykia Links Golf Club, which is considered among the top 100 golf courses in Europe, was designed by the famous architect Perry O Dye.

Cornelia Golf Club, designed by the world-famous golfer Sir Nick Faldo, is also among the best Golf Courses in Turkey. As one of the best golf courses in Turkey, the facility is also valued for its ecological perspective.

Another of the best golf courses in Turkey is the National Golf Club in Antalya. This course, designed by David Feherty and David Jones, makes you feel what a magnificent sport it is to play golf among pine and eucalyptus trees on a very large land. The golf club building, located in the heart of the complex, offers a magnificent view. You can watch the final stages of the 18-hole golf course while sitting on the terrace and sipping your drink.

Another impressive facility is Carya Golf Club, which is also one of the best golf courses in Turkey. Built on the Mediterranean coast, this complex was designed according to the geographical structure of the region. The track is among the sand dunes, pine trees, eucalyptus trees and bushes and is one of the best not only in Turkey but also in Europe with its free flowing holes. The 9-hole area, which is illuminated by 120 poles at night, is among the first choices of golf lovers who come to play golf at night in Turkey. Whether you come for night golf in Turkey or play during the day, Carya Golf Club will fascinate you.



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